Bangkok – The Capital of Thai Cuisine

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Most people are familiar with a small range of Asian cuisine. Chinese cooking is easily the most common with Japanese style dishes coming in a close second. What many people don’t realize is that Thai cuisine is a unique culinary style that blends delicately prepared dishes with aromatic spices to create a mouthwatering combination which pleases all of the major senses.

When dinning in Bangkok, most travellers will be surprised to find an array of different foods but would be remiss if they didn’t enjoy some genuine Thai cuisine. An authentic Thai meal is generally served in a manner which might seem a bit different to someone of a Western mindset but will be familiar to anyone who has enjoyed Korean barbeque. One thing to keep in mind when ordering authentic Thai food is that many of the dishes are meant to be shared.

Many travellers, when ordering for the first time, will choose a variety of different dishes so that everyone at the table can try out the varied offerings. Thai cuisine will usually center around a few of the most prevalent flavors. One of the most common elements in any Thai dish is called “Nam pla” which is a traditional fish paste that imparts a salty flavor with a delicate hint of fish. Most Thai dishes will also be made with one of a variety of different curries and chili pastes as well.

Anyone that likes spicy food will absolutely love Thai cuisine as many of their hottest dishes rival that of South American and even Indian cuisine. For those with slightly less adventurous taste buds, a dish called Pad Thai, or Phat Thai, is flavorful, mild and can be found in almost any Thai restaurant.

Thai food can vary a bit from region to region but is always designed to entice the senses and fulfill all of the major tastes. While seafood is prevalent in Thai cooking, travellers will also find dishes made from beef, pork and chicken as well. Certain dishes can set a new standard for what can be considered hot and spicy, even among well-traveled pallets, but other dishes are delicate and mild. For the truly adventurous foodie traveller, or for anyone staying at a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand offers some extremely unique ingredients that might cause others to think twice.

When planning a trip to Bangkok, there should always be room made on the itinerary to sample some authentic and local Thai cuisine.